The VCs got 15 seconds, your customer has probably got 3

Build & test a desirable MVP that customers would pay for

From idea to MVP

UX, UI & Engineering


Wireframes, rapid prototyping

User research

Customer pain points and designing for value

Mobile first & responsive

iOS & Android

Customer development & segments

Who will use your product & pay for

Traction experiments

Distribution channel that works


How to talk about pricing early on

Design thinking

Lean Canvas, mafia offer, rapid experiments

UI & interactions

hi-fidelity design, UX writing & interactions

Growth models

Post product market fit readiness

Customer centric,
Lean & Agile methods

A right mix of UXD,
product, UI & engineering

You are in good company

We have helped early stage startups to go to market faster &
built enterprise grade platforms - at some of the brightest companies across the globe.


Making usability easy and a stickier experience


We work in sprints and believe in shipping constantly


Execute at speed and learn by doing

Measure GROWTH

Data informed experiments and decision making

Why UX matters

Every dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return - Fast Company

Idea (or ideas)?

We've been there before. You want to get to market
faster than others, but don't know how to get there.

Customer discovery / Research - Validate your assumptions and find out how big it can be + who will pay for your product.

Scope & plan

What's needed for your MVP
to get to market - on budget

Ideate & prototype

Rapid experiments to reach users and customers faster + a long-term UX strategy to track & measure metrics

Launch & traction

Early adopters & monetisation

Sharing knowledge & best practices

UX Basics for
Your Minimum Viable Product
30 Prototyping tools
to test out your startup ideas
10 reasons
why UX copy

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